Skin Care/Facial Program

Take Your First Step to Become a Licensed Skin Care Specialist

The Skin Care/Facial Specialist program at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy provides theoretical and practical knowledge of skin care procedures, safety guidelines, and techniques. 

The program covers various topics in-depth, including; skin analysis and basic facial techniques, facial treatments and machine applications, makeup, waxing, etc.

Discover all the opportunities our Skin Care Program has to offer!

Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program Overview

The Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program begins with education on skin analysis and basic facial techniques, followed by facial treatments and machine applications, makeup, waxing, and product knowledge.

The program covers tweezing/waxing, analysis of skin tones, fantasy makeup, photographic and camouflage makeup, facial manipulations, masques, skin care machines (steamers, brushes, high frequency galvanic, vacuum and microdermabrasion), product analysis, prescriptive treatments(i.e. oxygenating, glycolic, hydrating, etc.)

Facial Specialist & Skin Care Program Hours:

Facial Specialist & Skin Care 220 hours program
Enrollmentevery 2 weeks
Morning Class 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Evening Class 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM

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Admission Requirements

  • Mandatory Admissions Interview.
  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Minimum age: 16 (under 18 requires guardian consent).
  • Completed enrollment application and $100 fee.
  • Transfer students. Acceptance and hours completion determined by the school, with pro-rata charges for additional hours, application, and lab fees, plus equipment costs

Students are occasionally allowed to enter a class after its starting date, but should enroll as far in advance as possible.

Skin Care Program Cost

We recognize the significance of providing quality education to everyone. To make your education at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy more affordable, our Financial Aid Office can help you identify, understand and qualify for a variety of financial aid options.

Program Application Books & Kit TUITION TOTAL
Skin Care/Facial $100 $500 $2,900 $3,500

Become an Esthetician in Miami

«I had been searching for a school to receive training and licensing in skin care facial treatments while also studying English. I came to this school and discovered that they offered English classes as well. Later on, I found out that many of my acquaintances had studied both cosmetology and English at this school. I also obtained a license to work here»
Irina Syrovatskaya
Skin Car

Esthetician Program Steps

Courses include:

Why Choose Our Esthetician Program?

A Comprehensive Program

The Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program was developed by experienced professionals in the beauty industry.

Career-Oriented Education

We encourage students to build financial independence and meaningful connections in the beauty industry.


Our programs offer a flexible learning schedule.

Meet Our Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program Instructor – Yuliya Murillo

Yuliya Murillo is an experienced instructor at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy, with over 10 years of experience in the skin care industry. Her expertise was honed through extensive training in the CIS countries, where she received her foundational medical education.

Yuliya’s skill set and knowledge makes her an expert in hyperpigmentation, acne treatment in women and adolescents, fractional mesotherapy, chromotherapy, and chemical peels. Her knowledge is comprehensive and diverse in all things skin care and cosmetology.

Renowned for her engaging teaching style, Yuliya inspires students with her passion for cosmetology. She emphasizes hands-on learning and encourages striving for excellence, making her classes both informative and transformative.

Instuctor Certifications

Opportunities in the Skin Care Industry

Upon completion of the Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program, you will have the opportunity to pursue your career as a:

Take your first step to becoming a licensed facial specialist!

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Prestige Health Beauty Sciences Academy in Miami, led by highly skilled cosmetologists who have crafted a comprehensive curriculum. You will receive practical training in all aspects of skincare, makeup, and facial procedures.

Our instructors have years of experience in the beauty and spa industry, both in practice and management.

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