Barbering Program

At Prestige Health and Beauty Sciences Academy, the Barbering Program includes education on salon safety, laws and rules governing the field of Barbering, and cosmetic procedures including chemical services, haircutting and hair sculpting. Beard and mustache maintenance is included in the curriculum as well.

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Barbering Program Overview

The primary objective of the Barbering Program is to prepare students for the State Licensing Examination to become a licensed barber. A licensed barber’s opportunities include working in salons, resort hotels and the opportunity to own his or her own salon. 

The Barbering program requires 900 hours/30 weeks for completion. Students will learn the following:

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Admission Requirements

  • Mandatory Admissions Interview.
  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Minimum age: 16 (under 18 requires guardian consent).
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.
  • Transfer students. Acceptance and hours completion determined by the school, with pro-rata charges for additional hours, application, and lab fees, plus equipment costs.

Students are occasionally allowed to enter a class after its starting date, but should enroll as far in advance as possible.

Barbering Program Cost

This program is approved for Financial Aid. We recognize the significance of providing quality education to everyone. To make your education at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy more affordable, our Financial Aid Office can help you identify, understand and choose for a variety of financial aid options.

Program Application Books & Kit Tuition Total Program Cost
Barbering (900 hrs./8 m. ) $100 $1 550 $10 000 $11 650


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Barbering Program Steps

Students will learn the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge required to pass the State Licensing Examination to become a licensed barber.

1. Safety and Sanitation Protocols

The Barbering Program will include a Salon Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization course that will cover the study of blood borne pathogens, types of hepatitis, crucial safety protocols, and training in universal precautions in skin care procedures.

Precautions include, but are not limited to, wearing gloves when in contact with body fluids, mucous, non-intact skin, and handling soiled items. Isolation procedures for equipment, linens, towels and more will be discussed. This course includes 2 hours of HIV/AIDS Education required for licensure. A review for care and maintenance of equipment is covered as well.

2. Hair Care

Students will learn about services associated with hair and scalp treatments, as well as learn to identify different shampoos and conditioners and their purpose. 

Additionally, the curriculum will cover PH factors and their relation to hair care products, as well as proper draping procedures and scalp massage techniques and treatments.

3. Hair Structure Analysis

Instructors will show the students how to analyze hair quality. 

The course will emphasize the importance of analyzing the hair and scalp, performing a predisposition test, selecting the correct supplies and equipment for a color service, and understanding the basics of chemistry.

4. Haircutting and Styling Techniques

This course will cover comprehensive knowledge in haircutting. 

Instructors will emphasize the importance of selecting proper hair cutting techniques such as freehand, shear over comb, clipper over comb, style cuts including blow drying, implements and proper styling techniques.

5. Chemical Hair Treatment

This course will provide education on coloring and lightening services for different types of hair. 

It will emphasize knowledge of theory, especially for advanced services such as permanent waves and chemical relaxers. Additionally, this course will enable the student to practice different wrapping techniques currently in style.

6. Shaving, Beard and Mustache Styling

Students will learn general sanitation and safety precautions associated with shaving, as well as standard cutting positions and strokes with a straight razor. 

Instructors will educate the students on how to identify the 14 shaving areas of the face, proper shaving utilizing hot towels, and how to maintain the proper setup for shaving.

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