Dental Assisting Program

This program is approved by the Florida Department of Health Board of Dentistry

Admission Requirements Summary

  • Minimum age of 17 required.
  • High School diploma or GED necessary.
  • Potential students will be advised that employment in many health occupations necessitates the ability to pass Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Criminal Background Check.
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.
  • Transfer students are accepted with the school determining the number of hours to be completed. Transfer students are charged pro-rata for additional hours to be completed, plus application fee, lab fee, if applicable, and for any equipment needed

Cost of the Dental Assistanting Program

We recognize the significance of providing quality education to everyone. To make your education at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy more affordable, our Financial Aid Office can help you identify, understand and qualify for a variety of financial aid options.

Program Application Fee Books & Kit Tuition Total Cost
Dental Assistant (1275 hours/10 months) $100 $1 015 $14 500 $16 500

When enrolling in the dental assisting program, up to 70% of the tuition cost might be covered by PELL Grant. To learn more about the terms of this offer, please contact us.

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I want to express my gratitude to the instructors at the school. The training is very professional, with a balanced mix of practice and theory, and there's a lot of useful handout material. I've attended another school before, so I can compare. Here, your time won't be wasted. I would recommend this school to everyone, from beginners to more experienced professionals.

Lidia Kuzina

Dental Assisting Program Steps

The dental assisting program is divided into several modules:

1. Healthcare and Safety Techniques

  • Concepts of oral disease prevention
  • Methods to strengthen dental health
  • Precautions during treatment

2. Dental Terminology

  • Use of medical terms
  • Term abbreviations
  • Names of pathologies

3. Dental Theory

  • Anatomy of the dental and jaw system
  • Tooth numbering in the oral cavity
  • Working with dental equipment, chair positioning
  • Choosing treatment methods based on oral cavity condition
  • Legal and ethical issues

4. Pharmacology and Anesthesia

  • Drugs used in dentistry
  • Selection and application of local anesthetics
  • Preparation of syringes and other anesthesia tools
  • Working with nitrous oxide and oxygen for sedation

5. Receptionist – Front Desk Office Management

  • Front desk administration
  • Telephone communication and patient scheduling
  • Billing, financial terminology
  • Insurance form filling, preliminary estimates

6. Dental Assisting

  • Assisting the dentist in chairside treatments
  • Instrument arrangement in the office
  • Using tools for dental fillings assistance
  • Assisting in prosthodontics: taking impressions, polyvinyl ‘gun type’ impressions, making temporary crowns and various types of prostheses
  • Tools, materials and medications for root canal treatments
  • Origin and treatment of gum diseases
  • Differences between pediatric and adult dentistry

7. Radiographic Technique

  • Intraoral, panoramic, and endodontic methods
  • Developing radiographs
  • Photolab maintenance
  • Radiograph interpretation
  • Safety measures

8. Impression Taking

  • Impression materials
  • Wax models, counter impressions, casting and trimming models

9. Familiarization with Filling Materials

  • Study of filling materials
  • Mixing of dental cement and veneers

10. Sterilization of Instruments and Equipment

  • Sterilization theory
  • Processing of instruments and equipment
  • Disinfection of the office and work surfaces

11. Job Interview Assisting

  • Choosing a dress style
  • Resume writing
  • Handling difficult interview questions and responses
  • Presenting oneself during an interview

To have the opportunity to review the training program at any time, download the program catalog to your device

Why Choose our Dental Assistant Program?

  1. Experienced Instructors. Our dental assistant instructors are experienced dentists. They share insights about the intricacies of the profession, answer all student questions, and correct mistakes and inaccuracies during practical sessions.
  2. The program is approved by the Florida Department of Health Board of Dentistry.
  3. Convenient Location. The dental assistant school is located at 1250 E Hallandale Beach Boulevard. It’s easily accessible by public transport and has a large parking area for students’ personal vehicles.
  4. Extensive Practical Training. Laboratory and clinical work make up more than half of the total training time – 667 hours.
  5. Flexible Schedule. We offer two shifts for flexibility – from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Become a Certified Dental Assistant

Begin your career in the dental field by providing your contact details below. Our consultants will reach out to you at a convenient time, answer all your questions, and assist you in registering for the dental assisting program.


A dental assistant is a professional who enhances the quality of patient care. They assist the dentist during treatments, handle related procedures, and perform organizational tasks.

To register for the program, contact us in a way that is convenient for you.

The dental assisting program balances theoretical and practical education. During theoretical classes, students will also learn from the experiences of the instructors.

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