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Beauty Programs Offered

Become a licensed beauty professional with us! Our hands-on programs are conveniently available to you at our school based in Hallandale Beach.

We are proud to offer professional cosmetology training at our school, based in Hallandale, Florida. Reach out today, and earn your diploma as a certified skin care specialist, nail technician, barber, cosmetologist or massage therapist, empowering your career path with in-demand skills. Discover your passion in one of our comprehensively designed programs, ranging from topics such as in-depth skin analysis, specialized hair care techniques, advanced manicure and pedicure techniques, as well as professional spa treatments, refreshing facials, and waxing techniques.
SPA Therapy program

Spa Therapy Technologies Program

In the 900-hour, 9-month Spa Therapy program, students acquire critical skills in therapeutic massage modalities and practical skincare, such as deep tissue, hot stone techniques, and facials.

Cosmetologist program

Cosmetology Program

During our comprehensive 1200-hour, 10-month Cosmetology Program, students develop practical skills in hairstyling, skincare and nail practices, as well as specialized haircare. Additionally, students receive hands-on training with cutting-edge cosmetology techniques and technologies.

Barbering Program​

In our 900-hour, 8-month Barbering Program, students develop skills in haircutting techniques like taper cuts and fades, and mastering hairstyling and coloring methods. The program also covers straight razor shaves, beard design and maintenance, with focused training on scalp treatments, hair anatomy, and safe tool use.

Skin Care/Facial program

Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program

In this 220-hour, 2.5-month program, students master diverse facial techniques, practical makeup application, and safe, effective waxing methods, acquiring a detailed skillset for a successful career in skincare.

Full Specialist program

Full Specialist Program

During this 600-hour, 6-month program, students receive specialized training in facial techniques, skincare methods, nail care, manicure styles, hand massage, cuticle care, and nail art. This program aims to produce proficient specialists adept in delivering comprehensive beauty services with a meticulous approach.

Nail Technician program

Nail Technician Program

In our concise 180-hour, 2-month, students gain practical skills in manicures, pedicures, artificial nail application and repair, and diverse nail art techniques, ensuring proficiency for a career as a Nail Technician.

Electrologist Esthetician Program

Electrologist Esthetician Program

This 600-hour program is designed for aspiring estheticians, makeup artists, and electrologists, combining 312 hours of academic learning with 288 hours of practical training. It emphasizes hands-on learning and skin care techniques.

Therapeutic Massage program

Therapeutic Massage Program

In the 600-hour, 6-month Therapeutic Massage Program, students master key modalities like deep tissue and sports massage, focusing on pain management and injury prevention. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills, anatomy, and physiology to ensure safe, effective practice in a therapeutic massage career.

Dental Assisting Program

In this 1265-hour, 11-month program, students acquire essential practical skills in dental office procedures, patient care, dental anatomy, radiography, and dental instrument usage, ensuring a proficient and career-ready skill set for a successful future in dental assisting.

Language School Program

Language School Program

During our 600-hour, 6-month program, students develop essential language skills, including practical communication, reading, writing, and listening, enabling them to navigate through varied real-world scenarios confidently and effectively.

Our Teachers

Yuliya Murillo

Yuliya Murillo Facial Specialist Instructor

Iuliia Tikhomirova

Iuliia Tikhomirova – Manicure & pedicure Instructor

Vladan Lalic

Vladan Lalic – Vocational English Instructor

Price List

Spa Therapy Programs

Program Application Books & Kit TUITION Additional Fees TOTAL
SPA Therapy (Massage + Skin Care) (900 hrs./9 m.) $100 $800 $12 315 $185* $13400
Electrologist Esthetician (Electrologist + Skin Care) (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $500 $6 300 0 $6 900

Language Programs

Program Application Books & Kit TUITION TOTAL
BASIC VOCATIONAL ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $450 $4 380 $4 930
ADVANCED VOCATIONAL ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (900 hrs./9 m.) $100 $675 $6 620 $7 395

Beauty School Programs

Program Application Books & Kit TUITION TOTAL
Cosmetology (1200 hrs./10 m.) $100 $1 550 $14 000 $15 650
Barbering (900 hrs./8 m.) $100 $1 550 $10 000 $11 650
Skin Care/Facial (220 hrs./2.5 m.) $100 $500 $2 900 $3 500
Full Specialist (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $1 550 $6 300 $7 950
Nail Technician (180 hrs./2 m.) $100 $500 $2 900 $3 500

Allied Health Programs

Program Application Books & Kit TUITION Additional Fees TOTAL
Therapeutic Massage (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $300 $9 315 $185* $9 900
Dental Assisting (1275 hrs./11 m.) $100 $1 015 $14 500 $885** $16 500
Medical Assistant (1350 hrs./10 m.) $100 $400 $14 000 0 $14 500
Electrologist (320 hrs./3 m.) $100 $100 $4 100 0 $4 300
Dental Hygiene (2460 clock hrs./88 credit hrs.) $100 $1 500 $33 000
$375/credit hour
$900 $35 500
* Insurance
** Insurance + Lab Fees

Financial Aid

Financial obligations shouldn’t be a barrier to advancing your career. We offer a range of financial aid options to eligible students, aimed at easing the financial requirements of your education. Explore opportunities that can help fund your education and set you on the path toward a thriving career without the financial strain. For detailed information about how you can apply and benefit from financial aid and scholarships, please visit our Financial Aid page.

About Us – Cultivating Beauty and Wellness Experts

Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy is your pathway to a thriving career in the beauty and wellness industry. Our experienced instructors are not merely educators; they are practicing professionals across various specialties – nail technicians, estheticians, cosmetologists, barbers and massage therapists. Each educator possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in their field.

Whether you are taking your first step into the world of beauty, exploring your passion, or you’re already an existing professional looking to elevate your skill set – Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy is here for you.

Our curriculum spans across various domains of beauty and wellness, guaranteeing a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience.

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Prime Location

Situated at 1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd # 409, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009.

State-of-the-Art Learning Facilities

Experience education in our modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology and tools.

Top-tier Products and Materials

At Prestige Health and Beauty Sciences Academy, we believe in using only top-tier products and materials. This access prepares our students to work with industry-standard tools, ensuring they are well-equipped for their future careers.

Uniqueness of Learning

Our Academy is more than just a beauty school, it's a hub of creativity and sophistication. The carefully curated ambiance fosters a sense of professionalism and elegance, essential in the beauty and wellness industry.

Expert Instructors

Learn from the best. Our faculty comprises seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience, offering insights and mentorship that go beyond textbook knowledge.

Curriculum with Practicum

We offer a curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge with practical application. Our hands-on approach ensures that students gain real-world experience, essential for building confidence and competence in their chosen fields.

Contact us for more information and to schedule a campus tour. Your journey to a dream career in beauty starts here!

Our Student Success

At Prestige Health and Beauty Sciences Academy, we don’t just educate; we nurture future industry leaders. This gallery showcases the bright, ambitious faces of our students alongside their well-earned diplomas. Each photo is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the high-quality education they received at our Academy. Our students’ achievements reflect our commitment to providing an educational experience that combines expert knowledge with practical skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for successful careers in the beauty and wellness industry.

Featured Programs

Discover a world of endless possibilities with our elite selection of Featured Programs

SPA Therapy

Achieve Career Success and Empower Clients to Look and Feel Their Best with our SPA Therapy Program!

Therapeutic Massage

Discover the Art of Healing and Transform Lives with our Therapeutic Massage Program!

Dental Assisting

Kickstart Your Dental Career and Make a Lasting Impact on Patients with our Dental Assisting Program!

Our Happy Clients

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Prestige Beauty School, and let me tell you, it was an incredible experience from start to finish! As someone who has always been passionate about the beauty industry, this school provided me with the perfect platform to nurture my creativity, expand my knowledge, and embark on a fulfilling career.

I am so lucky to attend such a prestigious school. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Albina is a great instructor and it is a pleasure to work under her supervision.

I recently had the pleasure of attending beauty school, and I must say, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was welcomed into a vibrant and inspiring community that helped shape my passion for all things beauty.

Moreover, the school took great care in providing resources and opportunities for career development. They offered guidance on building a professional portfolio, networking within the industry, and even job placement assistance. This ensured that we were well-prepared to embark on our beauty careers upon graduation. Thank you so much for that experience

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