Nail Technician Program in Miami

Elevate Your Skills with Our Manicure & Pedicure Course

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional nail technician, our basic manicure-pedicure classes are designed with a blend of traditional and contemporary nail art techniques to help you elevate your nail artistry.

Our meticulously designed curriculum adheres strictly to Florida educational standards. Over a span of 180 hours, within the course of 2 months, we will explore the profound depths of nail care and art, from fundamental theories and gel application to intricate 3D designs and rhinestone application.

Basic Nail Tech Course Cost

Tuition $2 900
Application $100
Books & Kit $500
Total $3 500

Nail Tech Program Details

  1. Course name – Nail Technician.
  2. Program level – Diploma.
  3. Duration – 180 hours (2 months).
  4. Credentials – Diploma and Eligibility for License by registration
  5. Enrollment – every 2 weeks
  6. Morning Class: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
  7. Evening Class: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
With our optional Advanced Course, you will become an expert in the refined techniques of a Russian manicure. Our «Russian Manicure course» introduces you to an array of contemporary techniques, including:

Apparatus and COMBI manicure.

SMART pedicure.

Gel extension.

Additionally, practical learning and creative exploration are fostered through our inclusive nail art design module, ensuring your skills are versatile and industry-relevant.
Hi July. Thank you for what you teached us in the course. It was very nice to learn more.
You are very sweet and professional and excellent instructor.

I wish you the best and a lot of success in your professional and personal life.
It was really good to meet you!

Basic Nail Program Overview

1. Manicure Theory and Practice

Theoretical Foundation:

  • Learning the principles and techniques for safe removal of material and performing a combined manicure.
  • Mastering the formation of various nail shapes and nail plate architecture.

Practice on Model:

  • Techniques for removing artificial material and performing a manicure.
  • Strengthening and restoring the nail plate.
  • Nail design artistry using sliders.

2. Gel: Technologies and Design

Theory and Practice:

  • Overview of working with gel.
  • Correcting peeling and curled nails.

Design Practice on Model:

  • Mastery in creating French manicures and using stamping techniques in design.

3. Pedicure: Techniques and Practice

Smart Pedicure:

  • Full treatment of toes and feet, including coating.
  • Practical work on model for solid color coating.

4. Extension and Professional Image

Nail Extension:

  • Techniques for extending with gel tips and upper forms.

Marketing and Social Networks:

  • Creating attractive manicure and pedicure photos.
  • Aspects of attracting clients and managing an Instagram profile.

5. Examination and Creative Implementation

Design and Style:
  • Master class on popular designs, including 3D design and correct rhinestone laying.
Control Work:
  • Independent practice of manicure and pedicure.
  • Conclusion and issuance of certificates.

Advantages of Our Manicure & Pedicure Course

Extensive Practical Experience

Immerse yourself in a manicure course that prioritizes hands-on learning. You benefit from unparalleled access to real-world practice as we provide models for your training sessions, guaranteeing your skills are honed in a real-world setting.

Comprehensive Material Provision

Supply all the necessary materials. You can dive straight into mastering the art and science of manicure and nail design without being burdened by sourcing materials and tools.

Professional Portfolio Development

Learn the business aspect of manicuring with our special sessions on how to create an impressive professional portfolio. We guide you on showcasing your skills to potential clients or employers.

Premium Salon Practice & Employment Opportunities

Accelerate your career potential with a chance to practice in a 5-star Salons and Spas with our partners in the industry. Moreover, increase your chances for potential employment opportunities within our partner’s salons upon licensure.

Our Manicure & Pedicure Course

Why Choose Our Nail Tech course in Hallandale Beach?

Embark on a transformative journey with our Nail Technician Program, meticulously designed to sculpt proficient nail technicians. At our school, gain adept training with a spotlight on master classes in extensions and the innovative Russian manicure technique.

Our seasoned instructors prioritize instilling in you not only the crucial skills and techniques but also the confidence to shine in your role as a qualified nail technician. Engage in a curriculum that seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical proficiency, steering you towards mastery in advanced manicure and pedicure methodologies.

Meet Our Nail Tech Instructor

Iuliia Tikhomirova, our expert Manicure & Pedicure trainer at Prestige Health and Beauty Academy. Has a rich background with 10 years as a master and 8 years as an educator in nail services. Her extensive experience shapes her adept teaching methods.

Iuliia’s curriculum covers a comprehensive range of techniques: from basic theory to advanced nail art designs, including square and almond shaping, perfect cuticle coverage, strengthening techniques, and creative designs like marble, ombré, and 3D art. Her training also emphasizes practical skills like safe removal of artificial materials and smart pedicure practices.

Iuliia’s approach is hands-on, ensuring students gain real-world experience. She focuses on building a strong foundation and encourages creativity in design. Graduates leave with a license, opening doors to professional opportunities. Outstanding students may even receive invitations to join our studio, highlighting the practical and career-focused nature of Iuliia’s training.

Iuliia Tikhomirova

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