Cosmetology Program

At our cosmetology program, we cultivate the creativity and passion of each aspiring cosmetologist with a personalized approach. Every lesson will be a step towards becoming a qualified and confident cosmetologist. 

Discover all the opportunities our cosmetology program has to offer!

Hair Techniques

Learn about chemical texturizing, hair additions, and the science behind hair health.

Aesthetic Treatments

Develop an eye for aesthetics by learning about professional makeup and hair removal.

Nail Care

Learn how to use professional nail care tools and the art of manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions.

Cosmetology Program Overview

Our program is your gateway to a fulfilling career as a licensed cosmetologist, opening doors to a world of opportunities in prestigious beauty salons, luxurious resort hotels, and even the thrilling prospect of owning your own salon. Let us guide you towards success as you prepare to dazzle the industry with your skills and creativity.

Personalized Learning Experience – Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help you find your potential in:

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Cosmetology Program Hours:

Duration – 1200 hours

Enrollment and Schedule – contact us for more details

Admission Requirements

  • Mandatory Admissions Interview.
  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Minimum age: 16 (under 18 requires guardian consent).
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.
  • Transfer students: Acceptance and hours completion determined by the school, with pro-rata charges for additional hours, application, and lab fees, plus equipment costs. 

Students are occasionally allowed to enter a class after its starting date, but should enroll as far in advance as possible.

Cosmetology Program Cost

This program is approved for Financial Aid. We recognize the significance of providing quality education to everyone. To make your education at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy more affordable, our Financial Aid Office can help you identify, understand and choose for a variety of financial aid options.
Program Application Books & Kit TUITION TOTAL
Cosmetology (1200 hrs./10 m.) $100 $1 550 $14 000 $15 650

I recently had the pleasure of attending beauty school, and I must say, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was welcomed into a vibrant and inspiring community that helped shape my passion for all things beauty. <br><br> Moreover, the school took great care in providing resources and opportunities for career development. They offered guidance on building a professional portfolio, networking within the industry, and even job placement assistance. This ensured that we were well-prepared to embark on our beauty careers upon graduation. Thank you so much for that experience

Lenochka Nigmatullina

Cosmetology Program Steps

1. Foundational Knowledge

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
    Understanding HIV/AIDS, safety precautions, and their relevance in the workplace.

2. Hair Specializations

  • Hair Shaping
    Mastering basic hair-cutting techniques, using various tools, precision cutting, and staying updated with current trends.
  • Hair Coloring
    Learning semi-permanent, permanent hair coloring, and lightening services, combining practical application with theory.
  • Chemical Waving
    Basic principles and applications of hair waving and relaxing, including chemical reformation techniques.

3. Hair and Scalp Care

  • Shampoos and Rinses
    Basic theories and techniques for hair and scalp conditioning.
  • Scalp Treatments, Hair Care Rinses
    Techniques for maintaining a healthy scalp and enhancing the appearance of hair.

4. Advanced Hair Styling

  • Hairstyling
    Various styling techniques including blow-drying, iron styling, and roller sets.

5. Esthetic Treatments

  • Facials and Hair Removal
    Facials, makeup, hair removal techniques, and brow tinting.

6. Nail Care

  • Manicures, Nail Extensions, Pedicures
    Comprehensive training in manicures, pedicures, and nail extension techniques.

7. Health and Safety

  • Sanitation, Florida Law, Bacteriology
    Fundamentals of sanitation, understanding relevant laws, and bacteriology in cosmetology.

Cosmetology Program Benefits

Flexible Learning Schedules

Understanding the diverse needs of our students, we offer both day and evening classes. This flexibility allows students to balance their education alongside personal and professional commitments, making it possible for them to pursue their passion in cosmetology regardless of their busy schedule.

Hands-On Experience in a Real Salon

One of the standout features of our program is the practical training in our Instructional Service Center in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. This hands-on experience is invaluable as it prepares students for real-world scenarios, enhances their skills under professional guidance, and provides a deeper understanding of client interactions and salon operations.

Financial Aid Available

We believe financial constraints should not hinder passionate individuals from pursuing their dreams. Therefore, our school offers various financial aid options for eligible students. These aids can significantly reduce the burden of tuition fees, making education more accessible. Students are encouraged to explore these options and apply for any needed assistance.

Students who attend our school not only acquire thorough knowledge in cosmetology but also immerse themselves in an environment that actively fosters their development of practical skills and cultivates them into true professionals.

Become a Licensed Cosmetologist

Embark on a rewarding career in the beauty industry! Enroll in our cosmetology program today and take the first step towards becoming a licensed cosmetologist.


Yes! Our cosmetology school is conveniently located in 1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd # 409, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. Easily accessible for those in the surrounding areas.

We offer a range of courses including hairstyling, coloring, skincare, nail technology, and more, all designed to provide comprehensive training.

Our program can be completed in 1200 hours, which is approximately 8-9 months if you dedicate at least 30 h a week.

Yes, we offer financial aid options for eligible students. Contact us for more information on how to apply.

Certainly. Our flexible class schedules allow students to balance work and study effectively.

Yes, we offer evening classes to accommodate those with daytime commitments.

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