Basic Vocational English As a Second Language

Study Basic Vocational English as a Second Language at Prestige Health and Beauty Sciences Academy.

Limited English proficiency is a struggle many face in everyday life and at work. Change your life for the better and overcome the language barrier by enrolling in the Basic Vocational English program here at Prestige Beauty and Health Sciences Academy.

Basic English Program Overview

Basic Vocational English is ideal for those who has limited ability to speak, listen, read, or write in English.

The program aims to teach you to read, write, speak, and understand Basic English so that you can use the knowledge and skills you already have to find employment.

The program lasts for 6 months and includes 600 hours of study time in class.

After completing the Basic Vocational English program, you will be able to use English more freely, such as, and not limited to: read simple correspondence, prepare work documents, and understand important terminology. For further enhancement of your skills, consider our Advanced English Program.

Let’s make learning English fun!

Contact one of our instructors — we are eager to understand your needs and personalize our teaching style to best suit your needs.

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Program Hours

Duration – 600 hours

Enrollment and Schedule – contact us for more details

Admission Requirements

  • Be 17 years of age or older.
  • Proof of High School Diploma or GED
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.

Basic Vocational English as a Second Language – Program Cost

We understand the importance of accessible quality education and hence offer various financial aid options to qualified students to help ease the cost of your education. For details on how to apply and benefit from financial aid and scholarships, please visit our Financial Aid page.

Program Application Books & Kit Tuition Total
Basic Vocational English As A Second Language (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $450 $4 380 $4 930

Basic Vocational English as a Second Language – Program Steps

Reading Competencies course 1-2

You will learn to read and understand basic English. This includes learning to read menus, advertisements, signs, and schedules. You will also be able to navigate road signs and maps.

Writing Competencies course 1-2

You will be able to write emails detailing personal information or posing questions. You’ll also learn to give short responses on a given topic, using simple sentences in the past, present, and future tenses.

Speaking course 1-2

You will learn to ask basic questions and speak politely using simple statements, short sentences, and memorized phrases. For example, when introducing yourself, exchanging personal information, or placing an order at a cafe or restaurant.

Listening course 1-2

You will learn to understand common speech at slow and moderate speeds and discuss simple topics.

Career, Technical and Technology Skills course

You will study specific topics and specialized terminology related to your professional field.

Workplace Readiness Skills course

You will learn how to find, evaluate, and understand career information. You’ll be able to identify interests, skills, and personal preferences that influence career choices. Additionally, you will learn to manage your career and education plan.

Student Reviews

I have been looking for a school for training and getting a skin care facial license and learning English for a long time. I came to this school and it turned out that there is an English school here. As I found out later, many of my friends studied at this school both cosmetology and English. Really a great teacher here and I really like to learn English here. All my clients and neighbors say that I am good at communicating in English 😉 I got a license to work here too 😊

Irina Syrovatskaya

Advantages of the Basic Vocational English as a Second Language Program (BVSEL)

Native English-speaking Teachers

With all instructors being native English speakers, you will learn modern terminology, perfect your pronunciation, and expand your vocabulary.

Financial Options

Different financial options including FAFSA grants that can significantly reduce your price. Call to check your eligibility for financial aid.

Convenient Location

The school is easily accessible for students from the Fort Lauderdale and Hallandale Beach areas.

Learning English is an investment in your future. Start your journey to a life without the language barrier today!

Contact us to learn about the conditions for studying in our English language program.

A comfortable, judgment-free space to learn English

Gain foundational knowledge of English with the several language programs we offer here at Prestige Health and Beauty Sciences Academy. We’ll show you how the lessons are conducted and assist with application process.

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