Medical Assistant Program

Enroll in our Medical Assistant Program! Designed in accordance with the Florida DOE Curriculum Framework, our program efficiently combines theoretical knowledge and practical learning.

Medical Assistant Program Overview

Welcome to the Medical Assistant Program at Prestige Health and Beauty Sciences Academy. The program is designed to align with the Florida DOE Curriculum Framework, and consists of 1,300 clock hours of combined theoretical, laboratory, and clinical training. Tailored for full-time students with a 30-hour weekly commitment, the program spans 43 weeks, or extends to 52 weeks for part-time learners at 24 hours per week. This curriculum is designed to equip students with the multi-skilled expertise necessary for roles in various healthcare settings, ensuring they master everything from clerical duties and medical office procedures to hands-on patient care and laboratory tasks.

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Medical Assistant Program Hours

  • Duration – 1300 h
  • Enrollment and Schedule – contact us for more details

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age of 17 required.
  • High School diploma or GED necessary.
  • Potential students will be advised that employment in many health occupations necessitates the ability to pass Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Criminal Background Check.
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.
  • Transfer students are accepted. The school administration determines the number of hours to be completed upon transfer. Transfer students are charged pro-rata for additional hours to be completed, plus application fee, lab fee, if applicable, and for any equipment needed.

Medical Assistant Program Cost

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Course Application Books & Kit Tuition Total
Medical assisting $100 $400 $14 000 $14 500

Medical Assistant Program Courses

1. Introduction to Health Care

The introduction to health care in this foundational course covers legal responsibilities, safety protocols, and infection control. Students will learn essential communication and interpersonal skills, crucial for effective teamwork and patient care in any medical setting. This course also covers wellness and disease management, preparing you for practical challenges in healthcare.

2. Introduction to Medical Assisting

This comprehensive course immerses students in the core aspects of medical assisting, starting with medical terminology essential for effective communication within healthcare settings. You will explore legal and ethical responsibilities specific to medical assistants, ensuring your readiness to handle professional scenarios with integrity. Additionally, the course delves into anatomy and physiology, teaching you the critical concepts related to both illness and wellness, which are fundamental for assisting with patient care and understanding the human body in health and disease.

3. Medical Office Procedures

Students will learn how to perform basic clerical/medical office duties.

4. Phlebotomist, MA

This course equips students with the skills and knowledge required for proficient phlebotomy practice within healthcare settings. You will learn to demonstrate professional conduct and effective communication, essential for patient interactions and teamwork. The curriculum covers the anatomic structures and functions critical to phlebotomy, enhancing your understanding of how to safely and accurately perform blood draws. Additionally, you will become adept at identifying and handling various collection reagents, supplies, and equipment, while minimizing the impact of interfering substances. The course emphasizes rigorous standards in infection control, specimen transport, processing, and overall quality assurance and safety in phlebotomy practices.

5. EKG Aide, MA

Explore the cardiovascular system, learn the legal and ethical responsibilities of an EKG aide, and master patient care techniques. This course also sharpens your skills in using medical instrumentation essential for EKG procedures.

6. Clinical Assisting

Students will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate basic office examination procedures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of microbial control and use aseptic techniques.
  • Demonstrate minor treatments.
  • Demonstrate basic X‐Ray procedures.

7. Pharmacology for Medical Assisting

Demonstrate knowledge of pharmaceutical principles and administer medications.

8. Laboratory procedures

In this course, students will learn to perform CLIA-waived diagnostic clinical laboratory procedures, essential for rapid patient testing. You will gain familiarity with clinical microscopy techniques used in CLIA-exempt laboratories, enhancing your ability to assist physicians effectively. Additionally, the course covers emergency preparedness and protective practices, ensuring you are well-prepared to maintain safety in the lab environment.

9. Administrative Office Procedures

Students will learn to perform administrative office duties.

10. Practicum Experience

This practicum experience is a supervised, unpaid activity consisting of a total of 200 hours, of which 160 contact hours will be in an ambulatory health care setting and 40 hours in a simulated laboratory setting performing administrative and clinical procedures. It must be completed prior to graduation. A student is only ready for the practicum experience once they have completed all other program requirements and are eligible to participate in this final phase of the program. This hands‐on training will tie‐in all the educational components including theory and practical experience acquired by the student in the laboratory and classroom setting.

Medical Assistant Program Benefits

Benefits of completing this program include:

Eligibility for certification as a Medical Assistant

Receive instruction from practicing professionals

Obtain comprehensive skills in both administrative and clinical tasks

Obtain practical experience through extensive practicum placements

Increase your chance of employability and acquire the skills that will advance your career in healthcare

Become a Licensed Medical Assistant


The program can be completed in 43 weeks (full-time) or 52 weeks (part-time).

Graduates can work as Medical Assistants in various healthcare settings, including clinics, doctors' offices, and specialty practices.

Yes, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent and demonstrate English proficiency.

The 200-hour practicum includes 160 hours in an ambulatory healthcare setting and 40 hours in a simulated lab, providing hands-on experience with administrative and clinical procedures.

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