Full Specialist Program

Full Specialist Diploma Course – Start Your Career Path with a Dual License in Cosmetology and Nail Services

Embark on a career as a dual-licensed expert in cosmetology and nail services with our Full Specialist Diploma Course. Our highly qualified instructors conduct classes that blend theoretical modules with practical lessons. We equip you with the skills necessary to excel as a makeup expert, skincare specialist, and nail service professional. Additionally, we provide the essential knowledge required to open your own salon.

Dual Specialty License at a Single Price

You'll save on Lisence and Program application fees as you only need to enroll in the program once.

Instructors Who Are Practicing Professionals

Learn up-to-date information in areas such as infection control, facial care, epilation, and manicure techniques.

Practical Experience in Spas and Beauty Salons

Gain hands-on experience working with modern equipment and the latest innovations in the beauty industry.

What does the full specialist program provide?

Full Specialist Program – A Combination of Nail Technician and Skin Care/Facial Courses.

The Full Specialist Program offers an integrated learning experience, combining courses in Nail Technician and Skin Care/Facial. In this program, you will study:

Skin Care

Learn various skin care procedures, the use of specialized equipment, wax depilation, makeup application, and product knowledge.


Study nail diseases, machine manicure techniques, nail correction and balance restoration, gel polish application, the use of a drill for coating grinding, spa techniques, and paraffin therapy.

Enhanced Employment Opportunities

The combined program increases graduates' chances of quicker employment. Employers often prefer hiring a versatile worker capable of multiple specialized tasks over several narrowly focused specialists.

Full Specialist License

This license will enable you to provide comprehensive services in both skin care and nail treatments.

Knowledge and Experience

The Full Specialist course equips you with the skills and experience to quickly build your clientele. You will also learn to identify contraindications for certain procedures, adhere to sanitary standards, and implement safety measures.

Full specialist Diploma program

  • Duration – 600 hours (26 weeks)
  • Theory 229 hours
  • Clinical hours — 371
  • Enrollment – every 2 weeks

Full Specialist Program – Cost

Course Application Books & Kit TUITION TOTAL
Full Specialist (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $1 550 $6 300 $7 950

Full Specialist Program – Steps

The Full Specialist Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates nail service technologies, skin care, and makeup. Students have the option to start their training with either the Nail Program or the Skin Care Program.

1. Laws and Sanitary-Epidemiological Requirements

  • Understanding the laws and rules of cosmetology in the state of Florida
  • Awareness of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)
  • The theory of bacteriology
  • Sanitation procedures

2. Work Ethics

  • The system (principles, values) of work ethics in a salon setting
  • Precautionary measures in the workplace

3. Theory/Practice of Machine Manicure

  • Learning techniques for safely removing material and performing combined manicures
  • Mastering the shaping of various nail forms and the architecture of the nail plate
  • Removing artificial material and performing manicure procedures

4. Care for Skin, Hands, and Nails

  • Understanding nail disorders and diseases
  • Strengthening the nail plate
  • Restoring brittle nails
  • Spa techniques and paraffin therapy

This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only acquire the necessary technical skills but also develop a deep understanding of nail health and aesthetics, preparing them for a successful career in the beauty industry.

5. Technologies and Design of Gel Coating

  • Overview of Working with Gel: Introduction to the basics of gel application and its properties
  • Building Coating with Appropriate Technique: Learning the methods of gel nail extension and overlay
  • Techniques for Working with Light-Cured Gels and Fiberglass: Mastering the use of UV/LED light-cured gels and fiberglass for nail enhancements
  • Correction of Peeling and Twisting Nails: Techniques to fix common issues like nail peeling and twisting
  • Expertise in Creating French Manicures Using Stamping Techniques: Developing skills in French manicure with an emphasis on stamping techniques for design
  • Artistic Nail Design Using Sliders: Learning to create intricate nail art designs using slider techniques
  • Speed Techniques: Acquiring skills for efficient and quick application of gel coatings and designs
This module is designed to equip students with advanced skills in gel nail technology and artistic design, enabling them to create a wide range of sophisticated and durable nail enhancements.

6. Pedicure

  • Comprehensive Treatment of Toes and Feet: Learning the full range of pedicure procedures, including proper care and treatment of the toes and feet
  • Gel Polish Application: Mastering the technique of applying gel polish to toenails
  • Practical Application of Solid Color Coating on a Model: Hands-on practice in applying a uniform, single-color gel polish coating on a model
This section of the course focuses on the essential skills and techniques for professional pedicure services, ensuring students are well-prepared to provide high-quality foot care and nail beautification.

7. Skin Care/Facial Treatments

  • Skin Analysis: Learning to assess skin types and conditions.
  • Application of Masks: Understanding various types of facial masks and their application techniques.
  • Training in Skin Care Equipment and Photo Rejuvenation: Gaining proficiency in using skin care devices such as steamers, brushes, high-frequency, galvanic, and vacuum machines.
  • Prescriptive Procedures: Learning to perform oxygenating, glycolic, and hydrating treatments.
  • Use of Essential Oils in Skin Care: Incorporating essential oils into skin care routines.
  • Hair Removal with Tweezers/Wax: Mastering techniques for epilation using tweezers and wax.

8. Professional Knowledge

  • Product Analysis: Developing the ability to analyze and choose appropriate skin care products
  • Sanitary Standards: Understanding and adhering to sanitary norms in beauty treatments
  • Spa Services: Gaining knowledge about various spa services and treatments
These modules are designed to provide comprehensive training in facial and skin care, equipping students with the necessary skills to offer a range of professional services in the beauty industry.

9. Color Analysis and Makeup

  • Skin Condition Analysis: Learning to assess the skin’s condition before makeup application.
  • Skin Tone Analysis: Identifying warm, cool, and neutral skin tones.
  • Consultation, Draping, Lighting, and Color Typing: Mastering the skills of consulting with clients, using draping techniques to determine color types, and understanding the impact of lighting.
  • Specialization in Various Makeup Styles: Training in ethnic, fantasy, photographic, and camouflage makeup techniques.

10. Related Disciplines

  • Creating Beautiful Photographs of Work: Learning the art of photographing makeup and beauty work for a professional portfolio.
  • Designing Business Cards: Understanding the basics of business card design to effectively represent your brand.
  • Business and Marketing: Gaining insights into business operations and marketing strategies in the beauty industry.
  • Client Attraction and Instagram Profile Management: Learning techniques to attract clients and manage a professional Instagram profile effectively.
These modules are designed to enhance the students’ skills not only in makeup artistry but also in the essential aspects of personal branding, marketing, and client relations in the beauty industry.

You have the flexibility to tailor the schedule to fit your needs. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma from the Florida Cosmetology Academy and be eligible for the state license as a Full Specialist

Full Specialist Program – Benefits

Extensive Practical Experience

Immerse yourself in a training program that emphasizes hands-on practice. We invite models for skill development sessions, allowing you to apply what you've learned in a real-world setting.

Provision of Necessary Tools and Materials

All essential materials and tools are provided by us. There's no need for additional purchases, enabling you to dive straight into mastering the arts of "Nail Technician" and "Skin Care/Facial" without the hassle of sourcing your own equipment and materials.

Qualified Instructors

All instructors for the "Nail Technician" and "Skin Care/Facial" courses are practicing professionals in their field. You will learn only the most current and relevant information.

Fundamentals of Branding and Additional Skills

We teach how to develop a personal brand, create a portfolio, attract a social media audience, and build client relationships. You will also learn the basics of financial management and the business aspects of manicure and facial care in our specialized classes.

Employment Opportunities

Accelerate your career potential with opportunities to practice in 5-star beauty salons and spas in Miami through our industry partners. After obtaining your license, you will have increased chances of employment in salons associated with our partners.

Financial Aid

Our financial support department will assist you in identifying and obtaining various types of funding. Each prospective student meets personally with a financial aid consultant to discuss their needs, budget, and eligibility for federal student aid.

Become a Licensed Full Specialist

Our successful students

Our successful students

Full specialist program instructors

Yuliya Murillo
Yuliya Murillo Facial Specialist trainer
Iuliia Tikhomirova
Iuliia TikhomirovaManicure & pedicure trainer


The Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy was truly the best pick of schools I chose from, and I'm so proud to have graduated from there! Our teacher, Yulia, is incredibly knowledgeable and very nice. She is the kind of teacher that every student dreams of having. Also, I want to say a big thank you to Veronica for the warm atmosphere and good organization of all processes in the school. I loved my time there.

I recommend this school! Very cool training program. Excellent courses, clear presentation of the material. I have long dreamed of studying to become a cosmetologist and working in this field. I am very glad that I ended up in this school ❤️

Great school! A competent approach to presenting material, lectures are reinforced by practical exercises. Special thanks to our teacher Yulia! A very competent teacher and a good specialist in cosmetology. Good material resources, there is something to work with and on! Qualified teachers make the entire program very accessible! Thanks to our admin Veronica, sensitive and attentive in everything, coming to your aid! Thank you very much!!! It’s so interesting, I haven't trained for a long time! Thank you for my new specialty!!!


Graduates can continue to develop in the fields of skincare, makeup, and manicure. They have the opportunity to work in spas, beauty salons, and even start their own business.

Yes. We assist students in mapping out their career paths and planning their growth steps. We also cover the nuances of working and managing a business. We provide job placement assistance to our graduates without additional charges and regularly update our job board with employment opportunities, which is prominently displayed.

Yes. Financial assistance options are available for eligible students, including grants that do not need to be repaid and loans that are repayable six months after the last date of enrollment.

To be eligible for financial aid, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or a non-U.S. citizen eligible for financial aid.
  • Earn a degree or certificate in an eligible program.
  • Not currently enrolled in high school. Have a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
  • Register with the Selective Service if you are a male aged 18 to 25.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Not have defaulted on student loans.
  • Use financial aid solely for educational purposes.

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