Full Specialist Program

Full Specialist Program – Get Licensed as a Skincare Specialist and Nail Technician

This Full Specialist Program combines both the Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program with the Nail Technician Program for students looking to advance at an accelerated pace, develop a strong client base and acquire a multitude of skills. Discover all the opportunities our full specialist program has to offer!

Dual Speciality Licensing for Just One Application Fee

The program requires students to pay only one initial application fee.

Experienced Instructors

Receive education from experienced and practicing professionals.

Practical Experience

Gain hands-on experience with modern equipment and personalized instruction.

Full Specialist Program Overview

The Full Specialist Program at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy is a combination of the Nail Technician Program and the Skin Care/Facial Specialist Program.

Skin Care

Learn various skin care procedures, the use of specialized equipment, wax depilation, makeup application, and product knowledge.


Study nail diseases, machine manicure techniques, nail correction and balance restoration, gel polish application, the use of a drill for coating grinding, spa techniques, and paraffin therapy.

Duration 600 hours (26 weeks)
Enrollment and Schedule contact us for more details

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Admission Requirements

  • Mandatory Admissions Interview.
  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Minimum age: 16 (under 18 requires guardian consent).
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.
  • Transfer students. Acceptance and hours completion determined by the school, with pro-rata charges for additional hours, application, and lab fees, plus equipment costs.

Students are occasionally allowed to enter a class after its starting date, but should enroll as far in advance as possible.

Full Specialist Program Cost

This program is approved for Financial Aid. We recognize the significance of providing quality education to everyone. To make your education at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy more affordable, our Financial Aid Office can help you identify, understand and choose for a variety of financial aid options.

Program Application Books & Kit TUITION TOTAL
Full Specialist (600 hrs./6 m.) $100 $1 550 $6 300 $7 950

Full Specialist Program Steps

The Full Specialist Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates safety protocols, nail services technologies, science of skin care, and makeup. Students can choose whether they would like to start with the Nail Technician Program or the Skin Care Specialist Program.

1. Safety Protocols, Sanitation and Diseases

  • FLA Law
  • HIV/AIDS, Awareness, Precautions, and Workplace Safety
  • Proper Sanitation Practices, Bacteriology, Sanitation Theory and Safety Procedures.

2. Workplace Ethics

  • Learn how to apply proper work ethic principles in a salon

3. Pedicures

  • Theory, Practice and Spa Techniques

4. Manicures and Nail Art Techniques

  • Theory, Practice, Acrylic Nail Art, Booth Manicures
  • Sculpting, Nail Wraps/Mending, Nail Fills, Artificial Nail Removal, Polishing, Nail Art, French Manicures, Paraffin, Gels, Fiberglass
  • Nail Theory and Practice

5. Facials, Skin Care and Essential Oils

  • Facial Manipulations, Analysis, Masques, Product Knowledge, Skin Care Machines (Steamers, Brushes, High Frequency, Galvanic, Vacuum, Microdermabrasion, Photo Rejuvenation) Product Analysis, Prescriptive Treatments (i.e. Oxygenating, Glycolic, Acne, Hydrating, etc.) Sanitation, Spa Services, Florida Law
  • Aromatherapy in Skin Care

6. Hair Removal

  • Tweezing 
  • Waxing

7. Makeup

  • Facial Analysis, Skin Tones, Specialty, Ethnic, 30 Fantasy, Photographic and Camouflage Makeup, Safety and Sanitation

8. Color Analysis

  • Analyzing Skin Tones and Client Consultation

Full Specialist Program Benefits

Extensive Practical Experience

Immersive yourself in an educational program that emphasizes hands-on learning. Apply what you learn in a real-world setting.

Provision of Necessary Tools and Materials

The cost of training materials is included in the total cost of the program. There's no need for additional purchases, enabling you to dive straight into mastering the arts of "Nail Technician" and "Skin Care/Facial" without the hassle of sourcing your own equipment and materials.

Qualified Instructors

All instructors for the "Nail Technician" and "Skin Care/Facial" courses are practicing professionals in their field. You will be taught the most current and relevant information.

Fundamentals of Branding and Additional Skills

We teach how to develop a personal brand, create a portfolio, attract a social media audience, and build client relationships. You will also learn the basics of financial management and the business aspects of manicure and facial care in our specialized classes.

Become a Licensed Full Specialist

Our Successful Students

Our successful students

Full Specialist Program Instructors

Yuliya Murillo

Yuliya Murillo Facial Specialist instructor

Iuliia Tikhomirova

Iuliia TikhomirovaManicure & pedicure instructor


The Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy was truly the best pick of schools I chose from, and I'm so proud to have graduated from there! Our teacher, Yulia, is incredibly knowledgeable and very nice. She is the kind of teacher that every student dreams of having. Also, I want to say a big thank you to Veronica for the warm atmosphere and good organization of all processes in the school. I loved my time there.

I recommend this school! Very cool training program. Excellent courses, clear presentation of the material. I have long dreamed of studying to become a cosmetologist and working in this field. I am very glad that I ended up in this school ❤️

Great school! A competent approach to presenting material, lectures are reinforced by practical exercises. Special thanks to our teacher Yulia! A very competent teacher and a good specialist in cosmetology. Good material resources, there is something to work with and on! Qualified teachers make the entire program very accessible! Thanks to our admin Veronica, sensitive and attentive in everything, coming to your aid! Thank you very much!!! It’s so interesting, I haven't trained for a long time! Thank you for my new specialty!!!


Graduates can continue to develop in the fields of skincare, makeup, and manicure. They have the opportunity to work in spas, beauty salons, and even start their own business.

Start your exciting career in the beauty industry today. Contact our representative to begin.

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