Dental Hygiene Program

Ready to start a career in dental care? The Associate in Science Degree Dental Hygiene Program offers hands-on training and a comprehensive curriculum to prepare you for roles as an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant and a Licensed Registered Dental Hygienist.

Dental Hygiene Program Overview

Our Associate in Science Degree Dental Hygiene Program is meticulously designed to prepare students for successful careers as Licensed Dental Hygienists. Structured in a unique 2-in-1 format, the program equips you with employable skills as both an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant and a Licensed Registered Dental Hygienist.

This comprehensive curriculum covers essential topics such as dental psychology, clinical procedures, radiology, periodontology, pharmacology, and community dental health. You will gain hands-on experience through extensive lab work and clinical practice, ensuring you master techniques in patient care, infection control, and dental materials management.

DISCLOSURE: Florida Dentistry Board requires that the Dental Hygienist program must achieve a Dual Programmatic Accreditation from the Commission on Dental Accreditation in order to qualify its graduates for the Licensure Exam. The School is currently in a process to achieve the Dual Accreditation for this program.

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Program Hours

  • Duration – 2460 clock hours/2 years (88 semester credit hours)
  • Enrollment and Schedule – contact us for more details

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age of 17 required.
  • High School diploma or GED necessary.
  • Potential students will be advised that employment in many health occupations necessitates the ability to pass Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Criminal Background Check.
  • Enrollment application and $100 application fee.
  • Transfer students are accepted. The school administration determines the number of hours to be completed upon transfer. Transfer students are charged pro-rata for additional hours to be completed, plus application fee, lab fee, if applicable, and for any equipment needed.

Program Cost

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Course Application Books & Kit Tuition Additional Fee
Dental Hygiene Program $100 $1 500 $33 000 $900

Program Steps

General Education Courses

1. Dental Psychology and Communication
Study psychological factors affecting dental patients’ behavior, techniques to overcome fears and anxieties, and team building.
Develop oral and written communication skills.

2. Freshman English I
Compose essays and other works using various methods of development.

3. Introduction to Sociology
Overview of sociology as a social science, focusing on the link between society and well-being.

4. College Algebra
Learn about functions, logarithms, non-linear inequalities, and related applications.

5. Biology
Cover basic biological concepts, molecular biology, evolution, genetics, and the impact of humans on the environment.

Dental Courses

1. Introduction to Dentistry
Acquaint with health-related topics in dentistry.

2. Oral, Head, and Neck Anatomy
Study dental anatomy, head, and neck structures and their relevance to dental procedures.

3. Dental Radiology
Learn about x-rays: nature, behavior, biological effects, safety, and techniques for exposing and processing x-rays.

4. Dental Office Emergencies
Study symptoms, treatment, and equipment for dental office emergencies.

5. Introduction to Clinical Procedures
Learn medical/dental terminology, history of dentistry, and clinical procedures.

6. Dental Materials
Study the physical and chemical properties of dental materials and develop manipulative skills.

7. Expanded Functions
Learn to perform remediable tasks and expanded functions permitted by Florida State Board regulations.

8. Pharmacology for Dental Assistant
Study pharmacology related to dentistry and dental hygiene.

9. Preventive Dentistry
Educate and motivate patients in the prevention of dental diseases.

10. Office Management
Explore marketing skills and business office procedures in dental practice.

11. Related Dental Theory
Study microbiology, oral pathology, common drugs, and nutritional concepts related to oral health.

12. Clinical Practice 1
Learn fundamentals of clinical dental assisting, including equipment, instruments, and patient management.

13. Dental Practicum 1 (60 Clock Hours / 2 Credit Hours)
Apply principles learned in clinical procedures through assigned responsibilities in radiology, sterilization, and reception.

14. Clinical Practice 2
Continue learning fundamentals of clinical dental assisting and apply four-handed dentistry.

15. Dental Practicum 2
Apply principles from clinical procedures and clinical practice 2 through responsibilities in radiology and sterilization.

16. Dental Assisting Clinical Practice 3
Overview of Dental Assisting National Board topics, seminar discussions, and supervised externship to enhance skills.

Dental Hygiene Courses

1. Clinical Dental Hygiene Procedures
Learn medical/dental terminology, clinical procedures, and infection control.

2. Preclinical Dental Hygiene Lab
Gain practical lab skills for basic instrumentation and patient care.

3. Oral Embryology and Histology
Study tissue development and structures of the head and oral cavity.

4. Periodontology
Study the etiology, classification, and treatment of periodontal disease.

5. Periodontology Lab
Continue learning principles of periodontology with a focus on disease management and treatment.

6. Dental Hygiene 1
Learn patient assessment, treatment planning, and clinical procedures.

7. Dental Hygiene 2
Continue learning about systemic diseases, anesthetics, dietary counseling, and tobacco cessation.

8. Dental Hygiene Review Seminar
Summary review of Dental Hygiene courses DH 01 – DH 07 with discussions and quizzes.

9. Dental Pharmacology
Study pharmacology related to dentistry and dental hygiene.

10. General and Oral Pathology
Study oral abnormalities and disease processes with clinical identification.

11. Community Dental Health
Learn about prevention and control of dental disease in the community through biostatistics and epidemiology.

12. Dental Hygiene III
Continue developing dental hygiene skills and knowledge in theory and practice through clinical participation.

13. Dental Hygiene IV
Final clinical course focusing on the application of dental hygiene skills and knowledge in various practice settings.

14. Advanced Dental Technology Lab
Study the physical and chemical properties of dental materials and develop practical skills.

Advantages of the Dental Hygienist Program

Comprehensive Curriculum

Study the most important subjects for dentistry, including anatomy, periodontology, dental materials, and radiography. Theoretical lessons are combined with practical training.

Modern Equipment

Learn and practice in our laboratory and dental clinic, which are equipped with the latest dental technology.

Experienced Instructors

Under the guidance of a team of professionals, you will gain real knowledge and training recommendations.

Clinical Experience

Engage in practical lessons to gain experience in various settings, from private practices to public clinics.

Become a Certified Dental Hygienist

Ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling career in dental health? Contact us today to learn more about our Dental Hygiene Program and how we can help you achieve your career goals. Apply now to secure your place in our next cohort!

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