This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. This is a special Student Visa for non-immigrant alien students.  We will try to help you simplify the process of obtaining this Visa by providing few simple steps on how to interact with School on this matter.

When foreign students apply for admission to Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy, certain requirements must be met to insure compliance with US Homeland Security guidelines.

Necessary forms, documents and required payments are listed below.

Once these requirements are met, the admissions department will notify the prospective student of their acceptance and express mail the documentation that they must submit to the Consulate office in their country for issuance to a Student  M-1 Visa.

International student application >>

Information for International Admissions

  1. International Student Application  Click here>> to open   
  2. Processing Fee (non-refundable) of USD $250.00which may be paid as follows: By Bank Draft or Cashier‘s Check drawn on US Bank; By Wire transfer (please e-mail us at to request bank particulars); By Cash in person or by your representative in the USA.
  3. Proof Of Payment of $350.00 SEVIS I-20 Processing Fee
  4. Copy of High School Diploma or Official Transcript or High School Equivalency Certification.
    These transcripts must include specific dates of school attendance, courses taken during each year of attendance, and grades received for each course.
  5. Financial letter of affidavit support (Click here>> to open Sample Letter).  A letter composed by your bank on their letterhead, verifying that you or your sponsor have ample funds to meet your educational expenses and living expenses while attending the Academy in the USA.

Please submit all documents via e-mail

Upon receipt of all of your documents and payment, your acceptance letter along with all proper visa documents will be shipped to you immediately via FedEx delivery. The conditions for admission of foreign students are identical to those for domestic students. For more information please see Student Catalog>>


International students are not permitted to work while attending school. (M-1) Students may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). The Academy will assist and sponsor the student with applying for employment authorization for OPT. The application must be submitted 90 days prior to the program end date. If the student is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to engage in employment for practical training, he or she will be issued an employment authorization document. One month of employment authorization may be granted for each four months of full-time study that the student has completed. For example, a 12 months program will entitle student to apply for 3 months of OPT. However, the student may not engage in more than six months of OPT.

International Student Certificate Program

(Tourist Visa)

A student from another country who is vacationing in the United States may take a four to eight week Certificate Program at Prestige Health & Beauty Sciences Academy to improve their English Language Skills or as an introduction to the beauty business, then may apply for an I-20 to return and use this training toward a diploma Program. Student does not need to read and write English fluently, but only to follow directions given in English.